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Derpy Chappy Premium Dog Bathrobe Towel, Absorbent Microfiber Robe for Small Medium Extra Large Dogs and Cats, Stylish Cozy Quick Pet Drying Towels after Bath, Pool or Beach

Derpy Chappy Premium Dog Bathrobe Towel, Absorbent Microfiber Robe for Small Medium Extra Large Dogs and Cats, Stylish Cozy Quick Pet Drying Towels after Bath, Pool or Beach

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  • Pamper Your Furry Friends with the Perfect Fit - Our robe comes in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit for dogs and cats of all sizes. Your furry companions will look absolutely adorable in our robe, available in charming color choices like pink, mint, lavender, grey, lemon, tomato and lime.
  • Treat Your Pets to Luxurious Comfort and Quick Drying - Elevate your pet's bath time experience with our high-quality bathrobes. Crafted from premium absorbent microfiber, these robes will dry your pets quickly and efficiently after bathing. They are designed to be soft, stylish, and ultra-absorbent, making your pets feel pampered and cozy.
  • Premium Design Made in Korea for Optimal Comfort - Our robe features a smart design that includes an adjustable Velcro waist strap and an elastic headband to secure the robe in place while your pets dry comfortably. It's easy to clean too - simply fasten the Velcro strap or place it in a laundry bag before tossing it in the washer. You can choose to tumble dry on low or air dry for convenience.
  • Join Us in Supporting Animals in Need - We are committed to making a difference in the lives of animals. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to local rescue organizations that work tirelessly to find caring homes for dogs and cats in need. By choosing our product, you're not only treating your pet but also helping others in the animal community.
  • Keep Your Home Tidy and Enjoy Mess-Free Moments - Say goodbye to splatters on your walls and floors! Our drying robe is specifically designed to minimize the mess and keep your house and car tidy. Whether it's bath time, beach trips, or rainy walks, our robe will help contain wetness and make those moments more enjoyable and less messy.

Product Description

Drying pets after bathing, washing or walking can be messy. With our Derpy Chappy bathrobe, you no longer have to chase your pet around the house as they redecorate your walls. Derpy Chappy's bathrobes were designed in Boston, USA and carefully manufactured in South Korea. The product was inspired by the long rainy season in the Pacific Northwest and a rescue Golden Retriever who loves the water. Made from premium microfiber and available in two colors, the bathrobe helps your furry friend dry quickly and conveniently, with bunny ears for added cuteness.

We have a pending design patent application**

Key Features

Perfect for...

Bath Times

Make pet spa day extra special with the Derpy Chappy bathrobe, made with premium microfiber to soak up the water quickly and effectively.

Rainy Walks

Prevent the splatter on your walls and keep your pet warm after a walk in the rain. The Derpy Chappy bathrobe can be fastened securely with a Velcro waist strap so that it stays on your pet until they are fully dry.

Beach and Park Trips

Help your pet dry off after their swim at the park or beach, and keep your car less messy on the way home. The Derpy Chappy bathrobe is lightweight and travel friendly so you can take it with you wherever you go with your furry friend.

Sizing Guide

Please use the bathrobe dimensions in the chart to select the appropriate size for your pet. The belly has Velcro straps that can be adjusted, but to determine the best size please measure the girth of your pet. The suggested breeds for each size are for guidance only. Please note, this bathrobe may not fit short legged breeds such as dachshunds.

Care Instructions

· Wash the bathrobe separately for the first use to ensure no color run.

· Machine wash cold and tumble dry low, or air dry.

· Fasten the waist strap before washing.

· Recommend placing the bathrobe in a mesh laundry bag to ensure the Velcro doesn't catch on other items.

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